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    Virtual GEoPD Meeting in Milan 2020

    15th International Meeting, October 15th - October 16th

    1. Centro Congressi Humanitas, via Manzoni 113 Rozzano Milano 

      11:00 Introduction and welcome by the President and the hosts

      Rejko Krüger
      Stefano Duga
      Alessio Di Fonzo
      11:05 MJFF/GEoPD Monogenic PD project Christine Klein
      11:30 Courage-PD: first results and future
      Alexis Elbaz & Manu Sharma
      11:55 Can blood-derived DNA methylation studies provide clues to the cause of Parkinson’s? George Mellick
      12:10 GWAS on impulse control disorders in
      Parkinson’s disease
      Jean-Christophe Corvol
      12:35 Lunch - Students or young researchers talks Maryam Hassan
      Hui Lui
      Zied Landoulsi
      Sinthuja Pachchek
      13:35 Variants in saposin D domain of prosaposin gene linked to Parkinson's diseases Yutaka Oji (on behalf of Nobutaka Hattori)
      13:50 Disease trajectories in Parkinson’s disease: Insights from the Long PD and DodoNa cohorts Katerina Markopoulou
      14:15 Update from Florida site Matthew Farrer
      14:30 Lux-GIANT: Indian PD Initiative Sandeep Grover (on
      behalf of Manu Sharma)
      14:45 HELP-PD in the Siberian cohort Alexey Rozhdestvensky
      15:00 Coffee break  
      15:15 LRRK2 modifier project Thomas Courtin (on
      behalf of Alexis Brice)
      15:30 New project proposals & discussion Rejko Krüger and All
          GEoPD members only
    2. Centro Congressi Humanitas, via Manzoni 113 Rozzano Milano

      10:00 Students or young researchers talks Pauline Mencke, Katja Badanjak (Luxembourg),
      Xiaoying Kang (Sweden)
      Cloé Domenighetti (France)
      Giada Melistaccio (Italy)
      Amica Muller (South Africa) 
      Nicolas Casadei (Germany)
      Micol Avenali (Italy)
      12:15 Coffee Break  
      12:30 Global Parkinson’s Genetics Program (GP2)  Enza Maria Valente 
      13:00 Lunch   

      Global Parkinson’s Genetics Program   Andrew Singleton
      14:30 Discussion on GP2 initiative  
        Lysosomal genes and Parkinson’s disease session  
      14:45 Clinical features of GBA-PD Christine Klein & Enza Maria
      15:15 The Interplay of Mitochondrial and Lysosomal Dysfunction in Parkinson’s
      Dimitri Krainc
      15:45 Coffee break  
      16:00 GBA penetrance and patient-derived models Stefano Duga and Alessio Di Fonzo
      16:30 Targeted therapeutic approaches Pablo Sardi
      17:00  Closing remarks  

      Public meeting

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